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Stretch banding in Pharma

Stretch banding in pharma.

With energy prices increasing at a fast rate and pressure to be more sustainable and reduce plastic impact on the environment the use of automatic stretch banding machines on pharmaceutical packaging lines is on the increase.

Previously most automatic packaging lines contain automatic shrink wrapper machines which the products are fed through on the packaging line and a wrap of plastic is put around the products and then this is fed through a heat tunnel and the plastic is heated and forms around the product securing it for transport.

Many companies are now moving away from automatic shrink wrapping to automatic stretch banding machines, these machines stretch a piece of polythene around the products removing the need for heat and use less plastic therefore reducing their plastic impact on the environment.

Here at stretchband Packaging we specialise in this type of film for automatic stretch banding machines, we have various films available for this application including post-consumer waste content films. We are very confident we will have a film which will suit any customer’s needs.

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